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Put yourself in the place of the characters of the work you are currently reading are in (Winston in 1984 and Abigail, Betty or Parris in the Crucible) Pretend you are one of these characters and write a letter to their best friend explaining how they feel and what their situation is. Make sure to describe any fears or predictions you think they may have. remember, you are writing a letter pretending you are either Winston from 1984 or Abigail, Parris or Betty in the crucible.

Dear ,

I am so board that I desided to start killing people in salem, Now I dident phyicaly kill them but I mentally did buy acking like I can see devils. Then I lie and say that Random people who I choose are affilated with the devil. My main target is John Procters Wife,I want to get her out the picture so I can have John Procter to my self. I know ill probley end up in hell for this but Do i care......No If I cant have john then noone can.

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