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The Virginia Tech shooter was a student pursuing writing as a future career. read the following play written by him and give your opinion on it. Also, describe if you feel that this is any indication of his mental state or is this just a form of art. Click here to read play.

From what I read from the first play he really has a big imagination and has a very creative writing syle. If I did not allready know that he wrote this I would of assumed that a professtional author wrote that. But as far as i can read from his writings he probley had trouble at home and he expressed that in the first story. I think with the stress at home and the social torment is what lead him to kill all the those kids. Its still not and excuse for what he but,Damn that kid had some issues. From my point of you maby this could of been avoided if he had better help and people paid more attention to him.

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