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List the 10 most important things in your life right now. Describe in a sentence for each, why they are so important. Use the following format:
1. item 1- this item is important because... 2. item 2- This item is important...

1) God--- he helped me accoplish alot of things I couldent do on my own and helped me alot throgh life.
2) My family---They put up with all mt Sh** and thats alot of work.
3)My Music----Im planing to be a full time produser and thats what im planing on doing for the rest of my life.
4)Money--- Without money it feels like a part of my self is missing, Money runs in my blood and thats why its allways on my mine.
5)My Health--- Without that I wouldent be able to injoy my money so Health is one of my list.
6)Weights---- Lifin helps my release all my anger so that I wont have to take it out on anyone else,If not for my Weight I would probley be in jail right now.
7)Eduaction---- Without that I wouldent know how to count my money or know how to invest and etc.....
8)My Homeboyz--- Life would be any fun without ya goones that have ya back.
9)My Gun------ Will just leave it at that
10)Cars---- I dont have any yet but soon I will

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