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In your opinion, what is the most important freedom you as an American have? What do you believe is the quality that sets Americans apart from other cultures such as that of communists?

The most important freedom I think I have as an american is the freedom of speech. The reason why I find the freedom of speech so important is because in other places like Cuba,hati etc... if yo where to speak your mind you'll probley end up getting ya ass whoped by the goverment. But besides that I kinda feels good knowing you could say just about anything when ever you want and where ever you want to. In other places In america people dont agree to well with that but to tell you the truth F*** what they think. So,now if someone from another contry where to read what I wrote right now,This would of been my last blog as of april,16,2007 but since I live in american and im typeing this in america then its all good.

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