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What is fear? Think about fear for a moment and describe in a few paragraphs what fear means to you. How does fear affect you?

To me fear is somthing that happens when no other emothin can take place. Fear is somthing that everybody has when they dont know what to do. Fear cant be avoid,it happens to everyone but then again there people who sware they arent scared of nothing. I myself am not really scared of anything except for gettin shot or somthing along the lines. I really think that if people shed some light on the things there scared of then they wouldent be scared of it anymore. The only thing I think that dose not fear anything is god himself. Theres people who has fear but keeps it inside just trying to play it off. fear is just a mind game that you need to learn to slove your self. it cwan easily be avoided if you look on the brighter side of the thing your scared of.

Word of the Day: Disheveled - to let down, as hair, or wear or let hang in loose disorder, as clothing.

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