4:29 AM

What characteristics do you find appalling in another person? What personality traits do you find you absolutely cannot deal with in another person? why or why not? Do you know anyone like that, if not, are there any celebrities who you think embody these ideas?

One of the characteristics I find appeling about a perosn is there personality thats one if the most important tthing a person must have,its a good personality. I fits a femele I expect here to look fine,but I kniow no one is perfect but to me a fine female is most appalling to me. Now the personality I cannot deal with is a rude person. If a person is rude I really can't hang around them because if I do then soon Ima have to end up fighting that person or somthing along the lines. I myself have a very short temper and cannot deal with other peoples foolishness. Yea,I know lots of people like that and thats why I dont hang around them. I really dont know any celebbities so I wouldent be able to answer that question.

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