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Given that we have all of this new technology in the classroom, write about how you feel these additions to our classrooms can best be used to maximize your learning experience. What kind of things would you like to do with all of this new stuff?

Truth be Told I could care less about the new stuff we got in our class room because if anything it will just make things harder. But I mean if we HAVE TO use it then I guess instead of writing on the Marker Board you could just use the computer and type it up. Like for example tho before we got the computer we had very easy work and ampile time to do it but now since these damn computer arrived its like 1 Min in actuall time is like 5 Min it class room time which makes time pass by too fast and leaving me less time to complete my work. So to cunclude all this I really dont care because my opion on things really means nothing.

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